Voip & PBX

A VoIP phone system for SMEs and startups.

Introducing VoIP & PBX

Purpose built for small and growing companies, Wave is a cloud phone system designed to be easy to use and fast to set up.

What is Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX is the cloud-based delivery of a range of telecoms services via internet connections. Hosted PBX is a trusted alternative to a traditional PBX utilising ISDN or analogue lines which are generally on-site. 

While on-site PBXs have historically been the most common way to own a Business Phone system, the increased availability of high-speed Data Connections, as well as vast improvements in software and hardware stability and functionality have led to cloud-based SIP networks offering a Hosted PBX phone system and this is fast becoming a preferred telephony choice for businesses of all sizes.

VoIP calls can be served to you in HD (high-definition) and are not limited to just voice, video and instant messaging are growing in popularity; communications can even be encrypted.

You won’t get hardware that’s outdated in 6 months, software licenses that need constant upgrading, or constant price increases. Instead, you get excellent customer service, a VoIP platform that grows and evolves with your needs, and affordable pricing. We’re dedicated to providing the Best Possible Service, at the Best Possible Price. Get in touch to learn how you can take advantage.

The benefits of VoIP

Our SIP platform can gives businesses the competitive edge (source – thevoipreport.com)

31% of Businesses use VOIP systems due to its productivity and cost-saving benefits


Companies invested in technology allows the employees to work flexible and remotely saw a productivity rise of by 20%


Businesses save on advertage 62% on communication costs


Organisations with unified communications, including VOIP, saved on average of 32 minutes per employee per day because it enabled staff to reach other employees on the first try.


Why VoIP?


Pay as you grow with no limitations


Connect from anywhere with a data connection.


Provision Services in real-time, flexibility when you need it


A range of enterprise features without the enterprise cost.