Phone Numbers

Telephone Numbers – Physical, meet virtual​​

Phone Numbers for your business makes sense in so many ways. Whether you just want a dedicated phone number for your business, a landline number on your mobile (without switching providers) or to expand your business with virtual offices in other cities, eReceptionist offers you thousands of numbers to choose from.

Telephone numbers are no longer fixed to physical lines and the dynamics of VoIP allows users to instantly appoint unlimited number types to suit their needs. UKBTS Ltd can offer you a wide range of telephone numbers to give you the flexibility and presence that a fixed line service simply cannot do. Converting numbers to VoIP is easy and UKBTS Ltd is able to port telephone numbers from most networks into the cloud.

UKBTS Ltd offers UK wide geographic (01, 02) and non-geographic (03, 08) telephone numbers, virtual mobile (07) along with phone numbers from over 70 countries and thousands of cities internationally.

Presenting the best possible image includes getting the right phone number and is pivotal to any brand. You can create quality opportunities, generate new business or tactically target the customers you want. You’ll find certain phone numbers will suit your business better than others.

UKBTS Ltd has its own Ofcom UK telephone number allocations which means that you can choose from a large pool of numbers from around Britain including London to Glasgow and Belfast.

What are 0300 numbers? – The non-geographic 0300 dialling code was introduced by telecoms regulator Ofcom in order to allow not-for-profit organisations, charities and public bodies to offer consumers a single point of contact nationally.

An 0300 number is a special type of landline-rate phone number used by government bodies, the public sector, charities and not-for-profit organisations. Unlike traditional landline phone numbers, 0300 numbers are not linked with specific geographic locations. However, the cost to call an 0300 number within the UK is always the same as calling a normal home or business landline.

UKBTS Ltd can provide these along with other specialist service numbering such as premium rate and revenue sharing (084, 087 and 09)

Benefits of VoIP Telephone Numbers

Telephone numbers is the easiest way to expand your presence and project scale and locality for your business

  • Full UK VoIP Number Coverage (Geographic, Non-Geographic, Freephone, Virtual Mobile, Premium Rate)

  • International DID Numbers from over 1500+ cities around the world.

  • Geographic Number Portability to major network operators.

  • Fax using T.38 protocol.

  • SMS available on some numbering (*check for availability).

  • Advanced web-portal administration